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A ‚ÄčTHING THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE LEPRECHAUNS: We've spent the entirety of this newsletter discussing the opportunities you have for beer consumption related to St. Patrick's weekend. Let's spend a moment discussing an opportunity to consume beer that isn't necessarily related to our fondness for whatever Irish heritage we may or may not have ... namely, this weekend's opening of the new 412 Brewery taproom on Western Avenue. They've been brewing in a McKees Rocks garage for a couple of years, but they're ready to settle down in a space that has room for, you know, people. Who want to buy their beer. So let's help them out with that, OK?

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A THING THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE LEPRECHAUNS. OR BEER: There are two reasons why you should visit the Carnegie Museum of Art this weekend. 1) The Carnegie International closes in about 10 days. 2) If you go, you might run into Pittsburgh sculptor Thaddeus Mosley, who would be happy to chat with you about his pieces in the show. 

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